Private Wealth Management


Private Wealth Management’s main objective is to deliver well balanced choices for our clients and in doing so bring clarity to the investment process. To execute this task our institutional network and research – from some of the most established names in the industry – brings a coherent narrative to our investment philosophy which benefits our clients.

Successful Investing is in our vision composed of combining not only the appropriate moment with the appropriate investment risk, but more importantly understanding the objectives of our clients. In doing so we can manage market cycles astutely and better determine the end result. Central to the composition of custom tailored portfolios is the concept of risk versus reward.

Next to the traditional wealth management and advisory services, we offer a special asset allocation portfolio with periodic rebalancing . These portfolios contain every asset class from the best possible investment vehicles. Additionally, we tap into our seasoned Institutional Sales Bond desk to develop our market vision.


Ruud Bleeker
Managing Partner

For 25 years starting in 1990, Ruud was a Senior Vice President at the Private Wealth division of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Here he focused on advising high net worth individuals/ entrepreneurs  and evolved as a good listener. His abilities allow him to empathize with the wishes of the relationship, interpret these and be pragmatic. For many years he has guided many families and high net worth individuals on their financial and personal issues. Beside his extensive experience, Ruud is registered with the DSI as a senior investment advisor and senior asset manager. Ruud is a licensed recreational pilot for the last eight years and enjoys cooking for his guests.

Jeroen van Lom
Senior Investment Advisor en partner

In 1985 Jeroen began his career in the investment industry as a proprietary equity- and optionstrader. In 2002 he turned his professional acumen in the direction of advising clients on the investment of their discretionary wealth and income. In 2008 he joined Merrill Lynch Bank of America as a Senior Vice President of Investments. It was at Merrill Lynch that the present Private Wealth Management Team started. Since the inception of the team Jeroen has exercised the role of Investment Manager. A new chapter for the team started in 2015 when they migrated to Boer & Olij Securities BV.

Rein Schutte
Senior Investment Advisor

Rein began his career working in the financial industry in 1980, where he started at Albert de Bary Bankiers & Co (1980-1983). He became a floor broker at the Dutch Option Exchange, where he worked for 10 years and moved to SNS Securities. In 1993 he became an investment advisor at AFS Capital Management, later at Indexus groep. Rein is registered with the DSI as a senior investment advisor and joins the Private Management Team of Boer & Olij Securities BV in April 2018.

Rob van Duist
Senior Investment Advisor and partner

Rob has been employed in the investment industry since 1981. He started in the Optiebeurs NV and crossed over to the other side of the floor in 1986 to become a market maker in equities and options. After eight rewarding and hectic years he decided, in 1994, to pursue a career in advisory and wealth management a path that he today continues to follow.


Mike Willems
Senior Investment Advisor en partner

Mike is registered as a senior asset manager at the DSI and in the investment industry since 1986. He has been an asset manager and investment advisor at various well known investment firms and has in the last years specialized in investment vehicles ETFs/ index trackers. Mike is very focused on managing risk, after all you can manage risk but not returns. However, if you can manage the risk well than the return will materialize. Mike engages in asset management and investments for Boer & Olij Securities BV.

Etienne Poulissen
Investment advisor

Etienne is employed in the financial industry since 1996. He was an investment advisor at Rabobank (1996-2000) and ING Bank Private Banking (2000-2015).  Building and maintaining long term relationship are high priorities for him.  He advocates a globally diversified portfolio as a way to manage investment risks.  As a good listener he has guided relationships with their investment portfolios which has often resulted in being a counselor for broader financial issues. In his daily workday Etienne is therefore, a wealth advisor in the broadest sense of the word. His greatest passion, besides his family, is the organization of automotive events such as classic car rallies and racing events. Etienne is since the start of the Dutch Securities Institute (DSI) registered as a financial advisor.


Karel Vogel
Compliance Officer

Karel started his career in 1990 as a registered accountant at PwC. He switched to a career at the AFM where he was head of supervision of banks and investment firms. Presently Karel has his own compliance and risk management company where he assists in the establishment of new ventures in the financial sector. At Boer & Olij Securities B.V. Karel fulfills the role as a compliance officer and focuses mainly on internal compliance, risk management and our relationship with the industry supervisors. Karel is married and has two adult children. As an avid bicyclist he has through the years conquered many a European mountain.

Maria Herrera
Team Assistent

Maria has performed different functions in the financial industry since 1990. In Miami she was a commodities and equities broker for among Shearson-Lehman Brothers, Prudencial Bache and Merrill Lynch. In 1998 Maria moved to the Netherlands. In the Netherlands she started her career at Citibank working on a trading desk with institutional as well as the private clients. Maria works since 2008 as part of the wealth management team that in that same year started at Merrill Lynch Bank of America. In 2015 she, along with the team, joined Boer & Olij Securities B.V.

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