Institutional Sales

In the past few years substantial developments, such as the establishment of the European Central Bank, Basel Accords and MiFID, have swept through the financial sector. This required adjustments in the service offerings to banks, professional- and private investors. Our Institutional Sales desk offers a wide array of investment services in brokering sovereign and corporate bonds, domestic and international equities and specifically tailored structured instruments.

Possessing a vast network of professional relations enables our seasoned team to position itself competitively in executing client orders both domestically and internationally. Our breadth of scope is further enhanced by the institutional team capabilities which includes constructing and optimizing securities portfolios. The fact that Boer & Olij Securities B.V. has transacted tens of billions in the last years underscores this achievement.

Please find enclosed the documents in relation to the policies on cost transparency- and order execution.


Willem van Baarle
Managing Partner

Working in the securities industry since 1987, Willem has worked in different roles in the bond market, both in trading and sales. In the years before he joined Boer & Olij Securities B.V. he was director of the bond-trading house Brondgeest van Hees International (BHI); before that he was employed at the broker, Sputz in Germany and fulfilled a role as Institutional Sales at AMRO Bank, among others. At Boer & Olij Securities B.V, Willem’s activities focus on the sale of bonds to institutional and other professional parties. Willem is part of the team responsible for implementing the firm’s investment decisions.

Fred Pieters
Managing Partner

Fred started his career in 1977 at the Amsterdam Exchange where he was responsible for trading in government bonds. After a successful period at Bondgeest en Springer he went on to develop as a specialist in bond trading. As a specialist, he built up an impressive professional network. Upon the restructuring of Bondheest van Hees International (BHI) he became director of this group. When BHI moved its headquarters to London Fred and Willem decided to make the move to Boer & Olij Securities B.V. as independent agents. Fred’s main focus is bond trading for professional counterparties.

Archi MacLaine Pont
Senior Institutioneel Sales

Archi works in the financial industry since 1982. He began at Bank Mees & Hope NV in Utrecht and was part of the trainee program where he gained experience working in different departments and acquired an affinity for the international professional investment world. He continued his career at Labouchere, Rabobank and ING before arriving at Boer & Olij Securities B.V. Here he is responsible for managing and maintaining contact with professional parties of which he has built an extensive network. As credit sales he is mainly responsible for corporate and government bonds. Archi is an active member of the Interest Guild, a professional association whose members are professionals in the area of fixed income – both the buy side as well as the sell side.

Etienne Kummer
Senior Effectenhandelaar en partner

Etienne started his career in 1987, two months before Black Monday, on the trading floor at the jobber Hobijn & van Vliet. Here he was responsible for equity trading in Unilever, Hoogovens and Stork. After Van der Moolen took over Hobijn & van Vliet, he further developed a specialty in trading fixed income. His last function at Van der Moolen was bond trader.

Etienne is since 2008 employed as Senior Bond trader at Boer & Olij Securities B.V. He is involved with all facets of bond trading, both the sales and the trading side. Etienne is registered as Senior Trader at the DSI.

Carola Mijné
Office Manager

Carola began her career at the Japanese Investment Bank, Nikko in 1990. In 1993 she was asked to assist with the establishment of the Brondgeest van Hees Interdealerbroker (BHI). After the establishment of the Settlements department her role was expanded to include bookkeeping – and administrative duties. In the beginning of 2007 Carola joined Boer & Olij Securities B.V. Her first priority is processing of all transactions (clearing & settlements) for the Institutional Sales department. Her responsibilities are presently more extensive and next to settlements she handles assorted duties for both departments.

Karel Vogel
Compliance Officer

Karel started his career in 1990 as a registered accountant at PwC. He switched to a career at the AFM where he was head of supervision of banks and investment firms. Presently Karel has his own compliance and risk management company where he assists in the establishment of new ventures in the financial sector. At Boer & Olij Securities B.V. Karel fulfills the role as a compliance officer and focuses mainly on internal compliance, risk management and our relationship with the industry supervisors. Karel is married and has two adult children. As an avid bicyclist he has through the years conquered many a European mountain.

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